Updated July 14, 2021

Fireworks Nation will have Fireworks again this year at the tent on the Hwy and we will have Christmas trees in November or December or this year, 2021, either choose and cut,  pre-cut or both.  No Strawberries this year though. 

Equipment and supplies for sale.  920-210-2080

No more berries this year and I am retired so there will not be any next year.



Equipment and inventory of berry and veggie supplies for sale.  

E mail: Stan1252@yahoo.com for pictures if needed.   phone 920-210-2080 

Trailers for running gears.  2 left.  $100 each.

Bedding remover (windrow turner adapted to work with one wheel and bracket made to fit on  ATV.)  $50.00

Farmrite field sprayer with 200 gal. tank and aprox. 26′ boom.  $50.00

Irrigation:  All hook and latch with lots of supplies.  mostly 30′ lengths.  

3″ various manufacture.  $ .80 per ft.      Alum.       (add $10.00 for riser and good rainbird 30 head)

3″ PVC. $ 0.35 per ft. 

4″ various. $1.00 per ft.       (add $40.00 for riser valve and $40.00 for valve closer)  About 1,020 ft. of 30′ pipe and 5 with valves.        (add $10.00 for riser and good rainbird 30 head)

6″ Various.  $2.00 per ft.      About 600 ft. left.  13 of the 30′ and others 10 to 20 ft.

Brass tips .50

4 x 3 valve closers. $40.00.  3 left.

3″ elbows.  $15.00

4″ elbows.   $20.00

End plugs.  3″. $6.00.   6″ $20.00

6″ to 4″ reducers $30.00  1 left

4″ to 6″ Bell.  $30.00.        1 left

3″ x 3″ T’s.  $30.00

4″ x 3 and 4 ” T’s.  $40.00

Rainbird 30 sprinkler heads $8.00.  40’s.  $5.00

Rainbird 30s need repair and repair parts.  $5.00 each for all plus free repair kit.

Lots of irrigation supplies, end plugs, gaskets, tips and railbird 30 sprinkler heads.

 hand held radios,  water pumps for pumping out underground irrigation lines, picker tags and box slips for quantity and quality count and control of berry pickers. 

Rainbird 30’s $8.00

risers      $3.00

Gaskets 3″. $1.00.  4″1.25.   6″  $1.75.







Christmas Trees.

We do not have final plans for 2021 but should by Oct. 1, 2021.  If web site is not still up and running, I will have signs on Hwy. 151.





For information, call Dan at 920-344-6368 only for trees.  Call Stan @ 920-210-2080 for berry supplies and equipment. 


July 4, 2020 at 12 noon will end the strawberry season and my life as a strawberry grower.  I will be selling the equipment so if anyone is interested in starting a strawberry farm I would be happy to talk to them.  We need one in this area.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone for supporting this farm in the past and especially in this very trying year.

After the season I will put in information about the Christmas trees.

(Updated 6.02.20 at 6 am)