Closed for the season.

No more berries this year and I am retired so there will not be any next year.



Picked Berries Sold out.


We are finished with ready picked berries for the season and I am finished growing strawberries on this farm.  Thank you all for supporting us.  Stan Kirschbaum.

 Berry Pies, Bakery, Sweet Peas and other stuff.


Closed for the season.


These lines will be disabled probably about the end of July.  I will post a phone number for contact about Christmas trees.

We ask everyone to wear face masks or a bandana in the Hwy.151 store but probably not outside in the fields.  We will be able to bring berries outside for those who do not want to enter the store but employees are not allowed to lean into your car to put the berries in.  Employees may be wearing face masks and gloves in the store.  Please avoid allowing children in the buildings (151 store or U-Pick shed) and try to allow for social distancing to protect everyone especially in enclosed spaces. Sheds are well vented but you never know what is good enough.  If you feel sick or have any of the signs of Covid-19, please to not come here.


July 4th at 12 noon will end the strawberry season and my life as a strawberry grower.  I will be selling the equipment so if anyone is interested in starting a strawberry farm I would be happy to talk to them.  We need one in this area.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone for supporting this farm in the past and especially in this very trying year.

After the season I will put in information about the Christmas trees.

(Updated 6.02.20 at 6 am)

Thunderstorms will close us down for the duration of the storm and sometimes we have to let the access lanes dry out to get back in the fields so check for updates if there is a threat of rain.  It may be raining here and not where you are or it may be the other way around.. If the fields are very wet, then we might need to wait a while for drying (to ensure safety), so it is always best to the update on this web site just prior to driving out.  During the berry season, I update this site as much as possible and I can update it when I can not get on the phone to change the hot line message.

The last day of picking for this season is Saturday, July 4, 2020 at 12 Noon.